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What Does A Vagina Smell Like

Vagina smells like ammonia

Bf gets blowjob cum swallowed from gf. Like the way you sometimes smell sweaty or how your feet stink in certain shoes.

Why does my vagina smell

New videos about amature double blowjob added today. The vagina that is, the internal canal is naturally acidic.

The vagina

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Why does my vagina smell like poop

All vaginas have a scentand no, it's not a bouquet of roses.


Its like asking what it tastes like when you lick someones arm. Naked monsters getting ready to fuck a hot busty girl. This dude says a vagina tastes like apple pie.

This lady whose vagina smells like chlorine and death

It might even have faint hints of what you had for dinner. If you just took a shower and washed your lady-bits, there probably isn't any smell. Healthy vaginas often do have smells.

Abnormal vaginal odor

Its easy for me to describe something like the flavor of pizza. Free fem domination porn videos. Teen free ass lick pussy licking porn videomobile.

How to smell good

So what does a healthy vagina smell like. All of us with a vagina usually know that awkward feeling if a new and strange smell comes our way.

Does my vagina smell normal

Its tough to say, because im immediately trying to think of a food that would be the closest comparison and i cant think of one. Right now, it's intoxicating, i'm not lying, it's the best thing i've ever smelled. But if you just had a marathon sex session, your vagina will have an odor. Teen ass fresh out of shower fucking a dildo.

Gwyneth paltrow claims she sold a candle called this smells like my vagina to take the shame out

Vaginas are home to billions of bacteria that keep things in balance, but everyones specific bacteria makeup will vary. Theres a musk to it, just like how everyone has their own taste to their sweat, but it isnt bad. Another thing that helps your vagina taste good. That is to say, it might be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp.

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